[Solved] How to install a new package

I’m debugging now.
I have built the haiku.hpkg module for debugging.
And then,I tried “pkgman install haiku.hpkg” command to install it.
But pkgman returns error messages below.

*** failed to read package data file at “haiku.hpkg”: Bad data

What’s wrong with me?

If you built haiku your own, be arned the build system generates to sets of hpkgs. The one you picked maybe the unbacked one. Look around in the generated folder and find the other set. The correct one should contain the hrev number in the filename.

Thank you for replying.
Is NOT possible to install(update) only a certain package?
I found some .hpkg files in my build folder.

Or,To get the applicable .hpkg file,Should I use a command such as the below?

jam -q -j4 @nightly-raw

Installing the “plainly named” package should work, though, I’ve done it myself a number of times. So that shouldn’t be the issue here.

No, it is definitely possible. It is very strange that your pkgman is unable to read the package. What version of Haiku do you have installed at present?

Thank you for replying.
I tried to get .hpkg file using “@nightly-raw”.
And then, I got .hpkg files with the hrev number.
So,I tried install it again,Another error(problem) is happened.

Encountered problems:
problem 1: nothing provides haiku_translators needed by haiku-r1~beta3_hrevXXXXX_dirty1.

I want just only to replace haiku.hpkg.
But to do so,Should I replace or add some modules?

It looks like you are running a beta3 system. You need to first update to a recent nightly, and then install your own package. This way, the new package will be similar enough to what you have in your existing system.

I had terrible experience with those. I probably did something silly.

Thanks so much.
I will update the system and try again.

Thank you everyone!
I could solve the problem. And then, I’m addressing to fix wifi problem on EFI booting.
I’ve already found the fact that wifi(idualwifi7260) is available even though booting via EFI.
The key element I think is BIOS’s processes.
Before booting via EFI,if the BIOS runs some processes,
we can use wifi.
I think that I will be able to fix the wifi problem!
Anyway,thank you so much again and I will close this topic.
If I will succeed to fix the wifi problem, I will report in another topic.

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