[SOLVED] GNU/Linux development toolchain available?

Is the full GNU/Linux development toolchain available on Haiku? Like bash, make, gcc (with G++), Scheme, Nasm, gas, cmake etc.? For me less important, but maybe it will become important later for me: Perl, Python, Go, Rust?
And VisualStudio (I guess it’s not available, but hopefully a different IDE)?

Bonus question: Is there a C API for envoking Haiku system calls? Or only C++?

Greetings from a user who still is using Linux for development (and not Haiku yet)

Most of the toolchains are available on Haiku, I did a port for Geany a while ago, maybe that could help in your needs?

Geany? It’s an IDE, right?
Edit: Found it. geany.org Looks cool! Thx

There is no Go, and there is no Visual Studio.

System calls are available in C, as well as libroot (providing the equivalent of the standard C library with a few extras). That gives you anything you can do on any other UNIX family system.

However, libbe is where most of the Haiku/BeOS API is, and that’s only available in C++. For these parts, bindings for some languages are available, in various state of progress or abandon. For example you can use Bethon for Python2, or haiku_sys - Rust and haiku - Rust in Rust.

Nothing for C as far as I’m aware?

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Apparently for rust the haiku-sys functionality has been mostly included in the “libc” crate now, see the reply in: Move to bindgen? · Issue #2 · nielx/haiku-rs · GitHub

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