[Solved] FreeBSD_Networks: Update of WPA, WPA2 broke my routing of wifi to Ethernet

As I have written in many other posts, I was routing wifi through ethernet port of my laptop to Haiku desktop…recent update of WPA, WPA2 has killed this…
USB tethering via mobile hotspot not yet working
Haiku desktop left without internet connection…cannot update nightly images…
Anybody facing issues with network after update of WPA, WPA2?

I don’t quite understand what you are referring to here. If you are using Ethernet, whether via a “bridge” WiFi device or otherwise, then no changes in Haiku’s WiFi drivers or other support will affect you at all (only changes in our ethernet support will.)

If you are using Haiku’s WiFi drivers, then yes, updates to our WPA2 support can indeed affect you. But again, if you are using Ethernet, then this does not apply.


On a hunch, replaced the old CAT5 cable with a new CAT6 one…started working
Waddlesplash, maybe it had nothing to do with the update…I did not care to connect the old cable and try again…thanks…