[Solved] Ephiphany: cannot install

Pl. see the screen shot, attached. It says some package not available andit wants to remove cairo
On webpositive, you tube videoes are not displayed. Hence tried to install Epiphany
This has some packaging issues


You need to install xcairo. It will replace cairo and then a whole lot of installation problems go away. This has been a problem for some time.


Thanks. But why developers have not taken this step of uninstalling Cairo and installing Xcairo during updation process? Any particular reason why this needs to be done manually?

Thanks. Epiphany installed

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Maybe because, you don’t know what software the user has installed. They can have built some packages themselves. If they have some software requiring cairo but that won’t work with xcairo, you need to warn them.

That’s exactly what they did, but it would not be nice to remove packages from your system without a notice. That’s why the package manager asks you to confirm that you agree with it. You can just pick the proposed solution and continue with it.

Unfortunately with software ported from Linux, there are many, many dependencies between dozens of libraries, sometimes even circular dependencies (A depends on B and B also depends on A…). So, it’s nice to have all this software available if you want to use it, but it comes with the same complexity as it does on Linux, and there is not much we can do about that.


Thanks fortheexplanation. Understood. Accepted