[solved] E-mail Clients: Mail: No IMAP: Beam: Crashes

Could not get Mail to work with IMAP
Beam Crashes very often

Tried to install Thunderbird…not there…instead, a fork of Thunderbird, MailNews is there…

Haiku does not provide thunderbird?

Haiku does not provide thunderbird?

There is no Thunderbird port for Haiku.
Even if there would be a port, we could still not use the Thunderbird name, as it is a registred trademark. Only official builds from Mozilla can use the Thunderbird and Firefox name.

If i may recommend you: try fastmail.com , it is not free mind you.

Among Mail and Beam, Beam is better…Started to like Beam…keeping it…some occasional crashes…can live with it

I love native applications…try as I might, Mail does not work with IMAP…no error messages shown…POP3 is better…atleast throws some errors

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