[Solved] Can't make a bootable USB under Haiku

I want to make a bootable USB stick with bigger BFS partition (if I do this with dd under linux its only near 700mb, not enough to test some software). So, I choose to make it under Haiku with DriveSetup and Installer.

I am boot up Haiku from 2GB USB drive. Then insert 8GB USB drive and run DriveSetup. I am maked Intel partition table and make BFS Active partition. Then I run the Installer and choose the 8GB USB drive as a target. The installation was fine. But when I try to boot this 8GB USB drive the error “bios_ia32 stage1: Failed to load OS” appears, no matter what. If I try to make a boot menu in Haiku installer, the boot menu loads, but when I press Enter the “bios_ia32 stage1: Failed to load OS” error appears again.

Is there a way to fix it?

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  1. Write the iso-image Haiku on USB 8 gigabytes
  2. Boot a computer from USB 8 gigabytes
  3. In a free place to create active big partition and format it in BFS
  4. Install Haiku in this partition
  5. Install bootmenu
  6. Reboot
  7. Select boot big partition

Whoa, you are a Big Brain! Its works. thank you!

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