[Solved] Beta 2 In Virtual Box

I have built a 64-bit Haiku R1 Beta 2 VirtualBox VM, and am bewildered at the performance. Previously I had the Beta 1 VM running well in that environment. One benchmark I use is to visit a web site with embedded pictures and ads but without embedded video, and make sure the performance is sufficient to respond reasonably to clicked links. This time it’s not doing that, either in WebPositive or in Otter.

The issue may relate to VM settings; I’m pretty sure my old VM had two cores assigned but didn’t record such things as video memory etc and tinkering with these settings seems to make things worse or keep them the same, not to improve the performance.

Other activities such as installing Otter, viewing the Quick Tour, and the main menu, seem nice and snappy just as in the old VM.

Does anyone have Beta 2 64-bit running well in VirtualBox, and if so, would you mind sharing your settings? Host is quad-core i7 fourth gen with 8GB RAM, running Linux Mint 19. One oddity I noticed is that even though VB was told to build a 64-bit machine, it defaults to one virtual processor core, yet when I change it to 2 or 4 processors it doesn’t fix the web browsing performance issue.

Thanks much

I’m running VMs for both 32-bit and 64-bit Haiku; the 32-bit VM is on the nightly channel, and the 64-bit VM is r1/beta2.

The host is my Lenovo ThinkPad X220 laptop (Core i5-2520M, dual-core, 2.5GHz) with 8GB RAM and using Debian (on the testing channel) as the host OS. WebPostitive seems quite responsive on my setup, as does Otter.

Both VMs only have a single core and 2GB RAM each assigned.

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Thanks @LambdaCalculus ! Would you mind sharing how much graphics RAM you are giving the 64-bit version? Also, what is your best-working browser for visiting web sites and getting reasonable responses to link clicks, in the 64-bit VM? I am not sure I went as high as 2GB of RAM; that might be my issue with browser response times. All best…

The max I can give is 128MB VRAM.

Both WebPositive and Otter have been pretty responsive to clicking on links. But I will agree on adding more RAM to the VM itself if you can. More RAM for any OS is always helpful.

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There are a few additional web browsers for Haiku:
Dooble - a lightweight web browser
Otter Browser - Opera 12-based web browser
Links - a lightweight minimal terminal (text) and graphical (GUI) browser

Both Dooble and Otter Browser are adequate for most web browsing needs. Links is great if you need a terminal-type text with/without GUI web browser.

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Thanks Guys! @cocobean I’ve tried Otter already and will give the others a go. And thanks again @LambdaCalculus; I will make those changes and try again with a fresh install. Best, …Monty.

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Hi. I answered you in the other thread. I post here only to remind you: Otter has performance problem with filter lists. It’s a general problem with Otter that the same across platforms. If you turn on filter lists to block ads like me, the performance indeed suffers. If you don’t mind seeing ads, you should turn of filter lists.

Yes, there is some bottlenecks in each browser, WebPositive can lag minutes long, so nothing wrong with your setup, no need for reinstall.

I found the issue! Thanks @giahung.1997tn for remembering the network card change! (that was in the other thread) Without the Intel PRO/1000 MT setting for the network, the default setting would try to work, but any browser I tried gave unusable service, and HaikuDepot would hang trying to download software packages. I’m now up and running in the VM, and making this post from Haiku! Thanks everyone for your advice on the other settings!