[Solved] Any nextcloud/owncloud sync client?

The important part of the work was done by @mmu_man!
I’ve just put things together and fix simple things.


Also note it will silently ignore attributes, so if you want to use it to back up People files…


Those who require,
can set a zipping step before saves to the cloud storage space ?
As I learned from another thread here where a Haiku compatible archiver was asked for - zip saves the attributes.
This way it can be kept - if needed, can’t be ?

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@Master199 Recipe has been merged and builds completed on the buildmasters, maybe announce it in the topic “New/Updated …”? :wink:


(I’m new here to the forum … but have been tinkering with Haiku for awhile … :slight_smile: )

I gave this a try against my own instance of Nextcloud right now and confirms it works fantastically :slight_smile: I want to do small things with Haiku and grabbing some of my data in it from nextcloud after reading this thread is one of those things :smiley:


Just following up again with this. I got excited before but didn’t report this :slight_smile:

The link that is created in the Applications directory doesn’t work (An error dialog comes up with “There was an error resolving the link”.) I had to run nohup nextcloud & in the Terminal to load it. I tried this on two installs and it is the same issue. However, once it runs, it works fine (actually it zooms on Haiku (in QEMU on my newish laptop :slight_smile: )

Running on 32bit/64bit Haiku? (had it installed already so didn’t update to the haikuports build yet)

I am using 64-bit Haiku …

Looking further, opening Get Info on the link, it says it links to: …/…/…/…/…/…/…/nextcloud.

Found it, some variable wansn’t set in the recipe, should have looked closer, will push a fix later, meanwhile you can still use it from Terminal, thanks for reporting!


Hey guys!!

All works fine as i said in Telegram

Thanks so much guys!!!


… I had already thanked you the other day but i can’t do it often enough.
The client runs right away and even the configuration is available with all details. :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much!

The Nextcloud Client was the last tool missing that I need for my setup I use also on other OSes for my work as a translator. (LibreOffice, the Falkon Browser and good font rendering serve the rest.) I have been using Haiku for my work for a month now because I found out that Nextcloud is available.