[SOLD] BeBox for sale

My trusty old BeBox is now for sale.
I’m the only owner since new.
Bought it from Be Europe, when I was an developer for BeOS.

BeBox Dual 133 - Complete !
Complete with everything I got for it.
Original software from GoBe etc,CD’s, Manuals, Mouse, Keyboard
1x spare blinken led pcb.

Books: Be Dev Guide 1 + 2, BeOS Bible, Porting Unix to Beos, Practical File System Design…
CD: All CD ever sent to me from BeOS DR 8.1 -> latest release.
Programs: Metrowerks CodeWarrior (Registered version) etc etc…

As a bonus you also get 1x BeBox Dual66 (Internal Developer Machine), never sold to public. (I think around 100pcs were built)

To sum it up, you will get everything I have for BeOS!

Asking price: 1500 EUR + Shipping

My BeBOX Pictures:

Second BeBox (Not mine, but same)


SEND MAIL TO: fix.trsi(at)gmail.com

Payment: Paypal, Banktransfer

Wow, that’s an impresive machine!
I’d like myself to get a BeBox, but they are too expensive, so I just settle down with my HaikuBox xD
Could you film it in action?
Hope it finds a new home :3

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Interested. Sent email.

It’s sold, and found a new home in France to an old BeOS Developer.
Not fun to let go of this machine, lots of fine memories…

Thanks for looking.