Software updater: Unresponsive when internet connection is interrupted

Software updater becomes unresponsive when internet connection gets interrupted for some reason

  1. Does not resume updating
  2. If i close it, it will not close…it will say " attempting to cancel updates"…and remains like this forever…I have to reboot…nothing else works…
    Is an body else having issues with software updater?

Some times, when internet connection is good and working, it download around 60% of the 1st package (base) and simply stays like that…internet will be connected, because I can browse, access sites using webpositive…In this condition, after leaving it like this for 390minutes, it says “Failed to download packages” after this message appears, I can close it
From last 3 days, the software updater issues have become rampant, unpredictable

are you using Haiku on real hardware or a virtual machine?

on VirtualBox you need to use the Intel Pro/1000 MT network adapter, otherwise you’ll have an unreliable connection and it’s nearly impossible to do updates.

Same for me, but I was in a bit of hurry to start it, before the wifi was configured (didn’t save the credentials for wpa2 on the last session).

Installation on hardware…Pentium Dual Core processor

Yesterday, with great difficulty, after 20 aborted attempts, base package downloaded…but welcome package after 30 tries, did not download…some times downloads 60%, 40%, 80%…then stops
Again, I reiterate that the network connection is good, because with webpositive I can access sites, watch video’s
Think I am the sole sufferer wrt Updater…;…

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Use “pkgman” commsnd in Terminal for big files!
Pkgman install libreoffice_de

Try: pkgman full-sync

If an update attempt failed next time it will resume where it stopped.

If SoftwareUpdater stops downloading, kill it, or kill the thread. Cancel is not working for me too…

Please file a ticket and provide your syslog after running SoftwareUpdater with such problems.

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Please help: I just can’t find where this updater is being developed, is it under Haiku Software Archives · GitHub ?

SoftwareUpdater is part of haiku sources softwareupdater\apps\src - haiku - Haiku's main repository

Thank you…this is what I use on linux…point and click from blue leaf is tempting…
On the terminal, when it interrupts, now , a message"connnection refused" is shown

Sometimes, server not found…if it hangg, Ctrl+C will just kick it…

Update process now under my control…

Is it a Haiku server issue?
Would like to change to another mirror if possible
Where can I find more info on this?

There’s currently only one unofficial mirror as far as I know,and it only has the HaikuPorts repository,not the Haiku system repository.
You can find it here: Index of /haiku/haikuports/
Additionally there’s a somewhat experimental IPFS-based mirror which has both repositorys: /ipns/
If it works at all,then it’s pretty reliable and fast for me,but sometimes the whole thing simply times out.
Also note that the download percentage doesn’t show correctly there,all downloads directly go from 0% to 100% without anything inbetween,but it still works.