Software package in HaikuDepot for .txt file

software package to open .txt files?

They can be opened with StyledEdit so you don’t really need something else. What can happen is that the file is not identified as text file. In that case, you can drag it in an already opened window.

This said, you have a lot of software able to open .txt files available in the depot; it all depends your needs…

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As Starcrasher said, StyledEdit comes with a default Haiku installation. So does Pe. And nano, if you don’t mind working in the Terminal.

But once you fire up HaikuDepot you can download <takes a deep breath>


And those are just the “pure” text editors. There are others that lean more towards being a mini-IDE (Geany, Koder, Kakoune), Markdown (CuteMarkEd, Ghostwriter, Retext) or HTML (KpimTexteditor). I may have missed one or two.


If it’s just plain text, default installation gets you covered with the three applications @michel already mentioned. For general programming (in any the language), I personally use Emacs for “serious” sessions, or jed for quick ones. Gvim/vim is also a good choice for that purpose, but Emacs is much more than just an editor/IDE. For C/C++/C#, Genio is a native Haiku choice (and it’s not the only one).

But really, it all depends on your needs. None of the applications mentioned above is a “bad” choice. The best editor is the one you are used to.


You have been answered already by those much more familiar with Haiku than me, but I would add that you may find the formatting of your text files a little odd, depending on which OS the files were created in. I don’t know how Haiku treats ‘line ends’, as opposed to how Windows and Linux do. To mark the end of one line and to move the cursor down one space, text editors in Windows and Linux do it differently. Some do a carriage return, some do this and a ‘line feed’. I’m not explaining this very well, but if you find lines of text that don’t seem to end where you expect, that’s probably the cause. A decent text editor should let you format the file correctly, if it’s an issue at all in Haiku.