Software for cell-phones (ADB, fastboot)

Hello all,

I was wondering if there are any tinkerers who have sucessfully gotten ADB of fastboot to work under Haiku. I experiment with turning smartphones into dumbphones and currently use Linux Mint as my environment for modifying/debloating Android phones. It’s all setup and works well so I dont have a direct need to do so.

I do like the idea of being able to do so in Haiku and was curious if any one had thoughts on doing these things on the OS.

Sounds interesting. How dumb is dumb? What can you do with it?

I did not try it myself, but I expect these things will just need libusb and so it should be just a recompile away. But I did not look at it very closely and there could be other problems.

Basic De-Bloating (De Googling). I’ve been using lineage OS with a custom launcher. Limiting the UI to a single menu. Emphasis on mostly calling and txt and a shortcut bar that has vitals such as a calc, rss reader and music player. Designed to be distraction free. No endless scrolling or the ability to install software from the phone (Apps are dropped into a folder that is scripted to install and delete when triggered)

In addition:

The dialer is a custom made by Mitsu-Tech. It’s a SIP dialer that works exclusively with my own network. It’s designed to be a closed network (Calls only other VR phones). From there I have a few interesting gateways. Conference to Mumble (two way radios), SIP to Second Life (Making calls to VR). There is an external dialout (A toll free number as caller ID). There is no way for the PTSN (Public Telephon Switching Network) to call users directly. SMS is XMPP with a custom gateway to send SMS messages that the outside can reply to.

I spent a lot of time on the codec configuration. You can use a metered plan and come in way under 1.5gb per month. It’s designed to limit your mobile digital footprint and eliminate your distractions.

It is all just kind of a hobby project.

I really liked Haiku as the basis for a PC analog to my phones. A to the point desktop that is designed to be used, not use you.

Sorry if this thread is now out of category because of my rambling!

Here is one of my guerilla advertising pages for my phone network:

Ads for my network play on a few radio and video streams frequented by tech-types and alternate reality game enthusiasts.