Software Development

Hello! I’m just here to announce I’ve seen a lack of big apps for Haiku (Most of them are for BeOS), so I’m going to be developing Software for Haiku. I will be using Haiku Revision 42190 (Latest), and I will be possibly porting Java (As far as I know, hasn’t been ported yet), and possibly Flash for use in Browsers. (I know about GNash for Haiku, but I don’t think it has native browser support). That’s what I’ll be doing for now, leave any suggestions if you wish for me to make. :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to develop it.

  • Brandon

OpenJDK is already in progress at:
Feel free to contribute to this group but snoracle requires you to sign an agreement in order to accept code.

There are alternate jvm’s available as optional packages right now(jamvm)

Porting Flash will be difficult since it is closed source.

An updated Gnash and a WebPositive plugin for it would be great, but ATM WebPositive (IIRC) lacks a plugin framework, and stippi and leavengood had some ideas about it. I think you should contact them to ask for clarification and pointers about that, I guess the haiku-dev mailing list would be the best way to do that. Alternatively, a BezillaBrowser (Firefox 2) plugin should be pretty much easy to compile if you know your way around. (I don’t =P)

Adek336’s port of Gnash (quite outdated now, you can try it using haikuporter) still compiles with some tweaks, but has some problems with the media_addon_server, hogging the CPU and not playing sounds/music.

If you’re serious about porting you should team up with the primary team doing ports to Haiku.

The next release of Haiku is likely to have “real” package management (our own twist on the concept) but it already exists in a rudimentary form, driven by a script called ‘installoptionalpackage’. (This is a temporary solution. The solution Haiku has in the works will not be anything like this.) Give it the -l switch, for list, and check out the available packages. There’s at least one java-related package.