SoftMaker Office under Haiku?

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SoftMaker Office läuft unter Linux, macOS und Windows – und mit ein paar Kniffen auch auf Chromebooks. Wenige Schritte reichen aus, um alles einzurichten.

Als Nichtwissender frage ich, ob es eine Möglichkeit SM-Office unter Haiku geben könnte?.

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SoftMaker Office runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows - and with a few tweaks on Chromebooks. Just a few steps are enough to set everything up.

As a non-knowing person I ask if there is a possibility to run SM-Office under Haiku?

This is proprietary software. So, you can’t modify it. The only way is to ask this company to port their software. Don’t be afraid to ask them, you never know what their answer can be. If they are using Qt, it can be possible, otherwise it would be more difficult.

There are already few office suites available in HaikuDepot, the most advanced being LibreOffice.

Libre office does not run on my machine. Caligra do it

If you really need to run a decent office suite (and many people do, I for one), then I would recommend that you get a new machine. An old Thinkpad costs less than $100 and will run LibreOffice just fine. It’s a much better solution than settling for inferior software.

This is not the problem. Libre office does not open any document, i get only grey window. Could be a problem of old system installation. In the past libre office often crashed then i working into a document. I does not get so much problems with caligra office. And never get this problem with gobeproductive in the past. They are just ports, thats the problem. I have the feeling thats they are just ported but not really good tested.

All I can tell you is that for me, using an ancient Thinkpad T61P, LibreOffice works fine. I admit I haven’t tested it extensively because I prefer to work with two monitors and Haiku doesn’t permit that currently. Most of my work is therefore still done on Windows. Sigh.

But, when I do use LibreOffice with Haiku, documents open and close happily, and I haven’t come across any problems. So, whilst I take your point about ports, I do think there is something amiss with your set-up.

I’m alwas amazed that as soon as there is one or two bugs, people go with “let’s try to port some random, obscure software that’s not even open source” instead of “maybe we could fix these two bugs and we would instantly get a much better office suite with 1/100 of the effort” ?

Did you report your crashes, out of screen windows, etc to haikuports? Did you thumb up existing issues there?


I installed hrev 54756 32 and 64 bit. Very great. Libre not available on 32bit but runs well on 64bit now.

Strange, it used to be available for 32bit also?

Not listed in the packages list

Softmaker Office is not open source. Softmaker GmbH. is a german company, contact them and ask for support.

I have 6 monitors. Windows has supported them since XP and Linux eventually caught up. Haiku is still at 1. Developers need at least 2 and if you trade the markets, at least 3-4.

I understand your frustration, but (and this has been said many times before) the developer team is relatively small compared to that of, perhaps the Linux kernel team, and hence development is not as fast as other FOSS projects.

If you have the skills and time to work on multi-display support, though, you are very welcome to work on it!

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English word “free” can have different meaning…
So, it is true, it’s free as the beer offered by a bartender but not as (most) open source software are.
The problem here is that, even if we wanted to port that software, we couldn’t do it because the license doesn’t allow it.
This said, if the company was interested to make it work on Haiku and one of their devs was asking for help on this forum, they would certainly find some.

You are correct, it is available to download as a freeware for Win, Mac and Linux. But that doesnt makes it opensource. Contact the company and try to convince them to port it to Haiku. It is a german company, it should be easy.

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