So I got bored while waiting for Haiku to mature

So I decided to make my Xubuntu installation look as much like Haiku/BeOS as possible. How’d I do?

Haiku IS mature, the problem is the lack of useful production software, IMHO.

I think I’ll stay with Windows/Vegas for a long time. :frowning:

Yeah same here, I never have the OS crash or anything and runs great, but doesn’t have the software I need or WiFi drivers :frowning:

Oh but gone off topic :smiley: I quite like your beos look desktop, icons are nice etc… hate the quicklaunch thing on the left though! its huge!

Nice. It’s a BeS OS, not really what it claims to be and is only there to luanch Haiku via virtual machine until you’r eokay with running it full time. Clearly the best Linux distro ever :smiley:

I think you did great! But I see one big problem:

You forgot to post instructions on how you did it! :smiley: :smiley:

Okay, here goes!

This is Xfce 4.10, which includes a new “Deskbar mode”, along with multiple rows. The deskbar (Panel 0) is set to Deskbar mode, Row size 28, Number of Rows 5, length 1% (with Automatically increase the length checked). The menu button I snatched from a Haiku screenshot and removed the grey around it (so it’s just a feather with a transparent background).

Panel 1 (the ugly launchers in the screenshot) is just a simple set of launchers and “Show Desktop”/Filesystem/Trash applets. I’ve tweaked it since the screenshot was taken, so it’s not quite as ugly.

Panel 2 is a horizontal panel that automatically increases in length. I’ve moved all the weather / system tray icons there

The Window Manager theme is “Haiku Alpha” ->

The GTK theme is “Murrina Haikuish” ->

I can’t find the link for the icons, something like this should work->

Here’s how it looks now: (the left “Dock” autohides)

best method against being bored is… working.
There is a lot of stuff that any “bored” person can do for haiku.