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While back I told most of my family members to user and select Haiku to donate from our purchases. I get periodic emails from amazon stating how much was donated from my purchases. Looks llike as far as I roughly remember , donation from amazon based on my purchases were little over 2K. But I like to ask Hiaku management, how can we verify that Haiku actually is getting money from Amazon. Is there a list for each user? Is it possible to get quarterly or yearly confirmation from Haiku how much money they’re received so each of us compare?

If you not aware of Haiku donation from your purchases, please consider out awesome haiku developers :). Next time you purchase please go to

And at the top select “supporting” Haiku, inc

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+1 for selecting Haiku, Inc for AmazonSmile.

I have Haiku, Inc selected for my AmazonSmile contributions, but often forget to start from I checked my status at the AmazonSmile Impact page: & found that I have had 10 transactions that add up to just under $2 donated thus far. I’ve got a ways to go :slight_smile: . I also noticed on the impact page that overall, Haiku has received $987.72 as of August 2020 through this program. I don’t know if this is since the beginning or just this year.

I agree it would be great if the Haiku, Inc could provide the breakdown requested. I think having the time/availability of someone to provide this information are definitely limiting factors though. I am just happy when the overall donation meter on the main page gets updated, which needs to happen again. Going to have to make a request for that to be updated again - I see it hasn’t moved since July.

I have this setup and have for some times now. But even though I buy from amazon like every 2 day. no joke. The amount of money donated to Haiku has yet, even after years of having this '“smile” setup is less than 20.00 US. It’s seems to me to be just Amazon cooperate BS, just so they can say “Look, we support open source…” No matter how much you spend on Amazon, Haiku will only see a few cents.

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We get deposits from Amazon Smile into our bank account. So far this year we have received about $227 from them. In the yearly financial report I break out the Amazon Smile donations, for example in last year’s report the amount was $194.94:

It is definitely not a huge amount, but it is something.

The donation meter is maintained by a program I wrote and it primarily tracks PayPal donations. I could manually add the Amazon Smile donations but they don’t total that much per year. The current meter also doesn’t yet have a way to break out the sources of donations.

Finally the donation meter is out of date because my wife had a baby in July. I had to move my office and it is the stupidest thing but the machine I normally run the meter on was a desktop and was not able to connect to the network after the office move, and with the baby and then going back to work that has not been a high priority. It has been on my mind so I will see if I can get the donation meter code on another machine this weekend, or finally get my desktop online. I will also try to get Alex or someone else set up with the meter software so other people can update it.


Haiku Inc. as Amazon Smile org is ony available for US Amazon customers, right? At least I cannot find it in the German Amazon…

@leavengood: Congratulations for your baby :grinning: !!! My best wishes for you and your wife. :clinking_glasses:


@un_spacyar Thank you!

A Thinkpad T61 laptop costs very little and will run Haiku just fine. With an SSD in it, it will also be reasonably fast. Pity you are not in the UK or I would send you one of mine (don’t ask!).
BTW, since the Amazon Smile stuff is a commission rather than a donation I don’t think it belongs in the donation meter.

That is an excellent point, I didn’t think too deeply about that when I posted my previous reply. Hopefully reporting this in the financial report once a year is sufficient for people to know we are getting the money?

Indeed. Though it might be worth mentioning it more prominently so that people in the USA can make use of the facility.