Small browsers

I’m looking for browsers that fullfill these:

  • small or medium size (no firefox or chromium)
  • open source
  • runs on Haiku
  • capable of graphics (no text-only)

DON’T have to be runnable, that means alpha or beta stage are ok, but pre-alpha/planning are not ok.


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Besides WebPositive, there’s NetSurf. Rather limited, though.


I use links occasionally.


OK thanks for the infos so far. I think these browsers are on the list:

  • WebPositive
  • Netsurf
  • Falkon (on Haiku, too?)
  • Links with graphics mode (-g option)


Who said Falkon is small? Isn’t it based on the same engine as Chromium?

You are right, but the browser source code is small, or isn’t it? I mean the big code is in the QtWebEngine, or?

It is not yet running on Haiku anyways, but I am looking for a project that interests me to contribute. As I said it doesn’t need to be runnable.


QtWebEngine is based on Blink, which is the same engine as Chromium.

Ah, ok. But the browser using the engine has small source code, or? But actually you are right, a program using a big and complicated engine isn’t small.

I think my favourite project to try to hack is Netsurf. Unfortunately the Netsurf crew wasn’t very helpful (Falkon crew wasn’t, too). But I don’t need the original admins to improve the software.

Edit: I found out that there is Arora. But it uses WebKit 1 I think. So it’s both a bit outdated and kind of big I think. I like Netsurf’s code design the best anyways.

Edit2: I found Otter. Same issue as Falkon.

(The thread suggestion on these forums is weird. When I view the same thread two times there are different threads recommended for me!)


The Netsurf team is quite small, what did you ask them? And where? There’s still an IRC channel on LiberaChat, but you’d have to be patient. Most devs are in UK so depending on your own timezone…

Source code for that is not available, unfortunately.

Serenity OS browser:




Uzbl is abandoned:

Will there be a package for this in HaikuPorts?

Ask @3dEyes who made this port.

Is Otter small enough for this list?
It’s available in HaikuPorts.

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I’m very interested in the Serenity browser,too.
They have a own rendering engine which if pretty rare these days with the web becoming more bloated every day and unlike Netsurf,Serenity developers work very actively on it.
I really didn’t expect that it would be easy to port that to another OS,however.
I’ll definitely give that a try if someone can point me to a package or recipe (compiling myself is not a problem)


It is based on a Qt GUI frontend for LibWeb:

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At the moment it has little functionality, but it is actively developing. If interested, I can make a recipe for haikuports.