Signal-desktop on Haiku

Isn’t it high time we had signal-desktop on Haiku?
Telegram-desktop is fine,
and the app works really perfect on Haiku,
but I think signal is the most secure message app, nowadays.
Security-wise, I suppose it’s a must
for an OS, such as Haiku.


It is electron based application, which basically a web-application with a chromium runtime packaged together. Chromium runtime is not available for Haiku yet.
Also keep in mind Signal doesn’t seems to be supported on desktop without electron, and the current consensus at haikuports that applications which ship a statically-linked web browser are banned.
It needs to be researched if we can get it working without interfering with this decision.
Nevertheless, the web version should work with a desktop browser.


OT: Signal is indeed great, I prefer it over WhatsApp.

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thanks for this clarification, extrowerk!
signal DOES NOT work on a browser, like telegram

MAybe raise an issue upstream.They should consider to support the users who can’t / don’t want install chromium or google related software or want to use openly accessible (library or similar) computers where one just simply can’t install any program…


It would be great if/when Haiku browsers (Web+ and ported browsers) would support PWA web-app installs (quasi-stand-alone apps with the browser engine and service worker smart caching):

It would be possible to implement, yes. But since we don’t even have seperate browser contexts yet it is far off (and personally I don’t have much motovation to implement this, so it would be very far down my list for the browser)

I believe there is an open source client library written in C as well as a command line client that might run without a lot of modifications.

The c library should allow the protocol to be either integrated into an existing native Haiku chat client or a new native client. Unlike the command line client, this would be a significant bit of work, but the advantage is that it would also fit with Haiku a lot more than that bloated Electron client. Also, the Electron app has a lot of annoying shortcomings such as being limited to a single account and not being able to export conversations.


It should be possible to integrate GitHub - hoehermann/purple-signald: Pidgin libpurple bridge to signald. into Chat-O-Matic, a native Haiku multi-protocol instant messaging app that uses libpurple