Shutdown problem


I’m experiencing an issue where I can’t shutdown my computer.
After I press shutdown a window named Shutdown status appears as normal.
Then my screen freezes with the window still open displaying shutting down. The keyboard, mouse and physical shutdown and reset switches on my computer do nothing.
Only thing I can do is to disconnect it from power.
I’m running Haiku Beta 4 on a 10. Gen i3 with a nvme ssd.

Welcome to Haiku new User!

Try pressing the power-button for more than 5 seconds should close your PC as well!
If not, please report that!

That is a forced shutdown, it is done by the firmware/motherboard. Not the OS.

For the OP: please report the bug on the bugtracker,


Holding the power button does nothing no matter hold long I hold it.

Oh, than it is as nephele said!

so please do a bug report here:

You will need a “syslog” of your current install, found here:
for the bugreport to be usefull!

Consider to try a nightly build than!
You can upgrade the Beta 4 to a recent nightly and see if that helps?