Servo support

Would it make sense for us to get involved in the Servo project to have some baseline support baked in as the web engine develops over time? It looks like they have been making some good progress lately (though still early).

Our Rust port is only partially completed, plus it would mean Servo would have to be maintained by HaikuPorts instead of mainline Haiku programmers which are mostly C++ programmers. The Haiku operating system is written in C++ almost exclusively. It would duplicate efforts with HaikuWebKit used by WebPositive.

Hello, here comes another thread about another web engine!

Is it worth it? Yes, maybe. It depends: who will do it, and while they work on it, what other component of Haiku will they not have time to work on?


Can you highlight what big changes Servo had in recent times?
I’ve last tried it about a year (or maybe two) ago and websites looked pretty broken,sometimes more than in Internet Explorer,and the Git commits are mostly dependabot dependency updates,it seems.
I’ve often read that it would be dead after Mozilla abandoned it,I would really like to be proven wrong here,however.
If it works and is still in active development,it would be nice to have another Browser engine that works here.

They started actually trying… previously it they seemed to have lost focus and have now built back a few developers, and are now targeting being an embedded browser framework for use with Tauri etc. I am pretty sure they still seem to intend to implement the CEF API so theoretically you could have it work in a multi engine browser.

They also have a basic UI now…and are working on implementing basic controls so you can use servo out of the box a little a least.