Service manager for Haiku

I created simple service manager for Haiku that can start/stop Haiku services powered by launch_daemon such as Tracker or Deskbar.

Warning: do not try to stop app_server or registrar, it can make system unusable until reboot.


Nice work, maybe add a License to it? :slight_smile:

License is located in repository root.

Didn’t check there :slight_smile:

Why you does not protect this by a message or better a checkdox to proceed on own risk?

Well, this utility was quickly created today because I was annoyed calling launch_roster start/stop/list. I generally don’t like command line interfaces. Many of functionality like permanently disabling/enabling services are not yet implemented.

Attempting to stop app_server/registrar seems have no effect for now, but it should have. This servers should gracefully restart on crash/manual restart, but this is not yet implemented.

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nice work, you may end up creating a toolset that is analog to sysinternals for windows

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