Serpent (Linux) - A new distribution in development from Ikey Doherty (Solus)

Here’s the about page:

Personally I’m interested to see the outcome. Ikey’s a talented guy. As an earlier Pardus user, I enjoyed Solus when I tried it briefly.

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If only all the Linux people would work together instead of having each their own personal distro :roll_eyes:


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Or even some would head to Haiku… :thinking:



Some people use it as a resume highlight. Being able to claim your the Lead Dev of a Linux distro gives people a certain impression.

While it’s true that most Ubuntu derivatives are just a different package set and custom theme… most people glancing through a resume or reading a byline on a website dont realize that.

I don’t think that’s the issue with Ikey, but I know a few people who did something like this when they were looking for a job, and then abandoned the project a few years later when they got a job they were happy with.

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It is much easier to package up other people’s work than to make your own OS like Haiku. With that said the big distributions like Ubuntu have done a lot of good work, and I give the Elementary OS people some credit because they wrote a lot of their own programs. Arch Linux is also very good I think and their wiki is top notch.

Unfortunately a Linux distro will never have the cohesiveness that Haiku has for a desktop system. Linux will likely be around for a very long time as an excellent server OS but I think eventually Haiku could fill the niche as a nice open source desktop system for developing Linux server software (either with ported software or Docker or both, that is what I do on macOS right now.) Yes, there is still some way to go, but it is definitely doable.