SerenityOS creator Andreas Kling switches to full-tiime work on his OS

Andreas Kling, creator of niche Unix-like OS SerenityOS, quits job and will work full-time on his OS thanks to garnering enough financial support to do so:

Posted this here since Kling and SerenityOS both have had quite a journey, the former getting enough support to work on his creation full-time and the latter being a retro-styled Unix-like OS with a similar development philosophy (everything developed cohesively) as Haiku that grew a vibrant and dedicated developer community around it.

It’s not easy being able to make a living from OSS, especially in something as niche as non-Linux or non-BSD OS dev. Congratulations to Andreas and SerenityOS!


No more global menu?

Too bad he didn’t discover Haiku and could contribute with a similar goal.

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Starting new project from scratch gives more freedom and more interesting. Work on Haiku is mostly fixing bugs that is boring :slight_smile:

He did and he was even contacted by the dev team, but he declined the request to join to Haiku.