Selling Dual 603e-133 BeBox, original owner, great condition

I hope to have some pictures posted shortly.
Forced to sell, health issues, down sizing. As such, I’d like to get as much as possible, while getting it to a good new home.
Bradenton Florida area shipped from.


Just here to say: I surely hope you get better soon, and wishing the best for all of: you, the future owner of that BeBox, and to that BeBox too!

As a non-religious person: Peace be with you, David!!!

(sorry for the broken English)

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How much do you want for it? I have a Prototype BeBox dual 66… it wouldn’t mind having a buddy.

I doubt I will buy it but give it time… people that want these are probably in hibernation since they don’t pop up often.

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I’m in a remote hospital setting, relying on friends to put back together with peripherals, make pictures and such, as they are clearing out my apartment. All must be cleared out by end of month. I’m so very thankful for the support I’ve been receiving through whatever transitions done and to come. Any updates on what party will conclude transaction will come through here… until then, it’d be my paypal account, dsz123.

Sorry to here you are in the hospital (I was in there for a week with COVID and that was bad enough). Do you have any history on the system you’d like to share since you bought it new, I’m sure many here would love to hear such things at length if you feel up to it.

Interested. I will send you a PM.

Hi! I hope you are ok. Any news on that sale?

Just saw this. If it’s still available (or if anyone else has a BeBox for sale) message me

You are generally better off with a Mac with a 604 PowerPC processor. All the stuff the BeBox has that one of those doesn’t is quirky fluff. But BeOS for PowerPC is really not useful anymore and a Mac is always going to be a cheaper and more easily fixable solution. Even compatible Macs are getting expensive now.

Wow… This is probably way out of my price range, but I’m right next to you in Sarasota. Have you sold it yet?

Op hasn’t been back online in months, you can see from his profile he hasn’t been on the forum since march… seems like we might not ever hear back on this one unfortunately.

If available, i’m interesting by your BeBox