Search for haiku brazilian users

Hello! I do not know if this is the right place for this post … if I’m not sorry … I use haiku for at least four years I would like to contribute to the community especially the community that speaks the Portuguese language so I did a research .with this I need to see one as is the base of users who speak Portuguese. If you can help me, I thank you. REMEMBERING YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED. AND THIS RESEARCH IS NOT OFFICIAL AND SERVES JUST SO THAT I HAVE A HONOR OF HOW HAIKU USERS ARE BASED SO THAT IT CAN CONTRIBUTE IN A MORE EFFECTIVE WAY. Follow the link

Tivemos realmente bons usuários haiku do Brasil no passado. Eu não sei se todos eles ainda estão trabalhando com a gente.

Which is a shame … my goal is to identify those who are still with us and to seek out more people who can become new users.

This is a great goal, thanks for joining the team and helping. We have some good support for LUA. It would be great to have more LUA programmers.

I’ll be happy to help

From the user map in Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?, there is at least one other user in Brazil.
Maybe you can also reach the i18n mailing list at and see if there are people active there.

thanks for idea