Search for a script to generate own hpkg repository

Does anyone have a script ( or equivalent) to generate your own repository?
There is a short guide, but the link to the script does not work. (tutorial by bbjimmy, he is one of the first ower of a own repo) (lorglas generates a tool to create repo files) (My hpkg tool to create hpkg files - in many parts diverent to the current build - need to rewrite it)

Thanks, I’ll take a look.
But I would like simple scripts (without GUI). Maybe that uses HaikuPorts.

I know how to create a package.
I need a script to create my own http repository. Like repomaker, but without gui (bash, python, perl …etc)

This is an updated script which will also generate a list of packages in .html files, but most of the guide still applies.

Thank you.
This is what I was looking for.
I did not know about command package_repo in Haiku