SD Card Reader

Are there a working SD card reader (PC installation)?


If it is internally connected trough USB then it should work.

Just to satisfy my curiosity I plugged in a Belkin Universal Media Reader F4U003 that my dad must have bought almost ten years ago. It works. They are still available on ebay from time to time and probably elsewhere

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The other ones (connected through pci) should also work but the driver was only tested on a single machine I think. I will complete the driver on my new laptop soon and hopefully it will fix issues for other people too


So far I haven’t had a working card reader. How can I help with driver development? Syslog or other info? Send to you or in the bug tracker?

In the bugtracker, otherwise it will just get lost in my mailbox.
But first I want to get it working on my own computer. It’s hard to debug things remotely with just syslogs.


My laptop has one, I use it to write to SD cards for homebrew on the wii, it works fine.

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