Scrollable tiling

Just recently found out about the concept of scrollable tiling, implemented on Linux by the following:

If there are more open windows than what will fit on the screen, the new window will just push the others aside. Unlike most tiling methods, scrollable tiling does not resize existing windows whenever a new window appears. Scrollable tiling as a concept seems to have existed as early as 2009 with 10/GUI along with a proof-of-concept. Found this video of the PoC implementation Con10nuum:

While originally conceived with touchscreen input in mind, scrollable tiling as of late seems to be getting some attention for people using traditional KB/M input. Here’s a demo video of Karousel using a standard KB/M input scheme:

Just wanted to share this here since it seems like a rather interesting UX development. Also wondering if this could work within Haiku alongside the Stack-and-Tile system. Say for example, scrolling the windows if someone tiles a window and the window group doesn’t fit horizontally within the screen.

I for myself like the rotate picture feature… would fit for HAIKU!
Not more!