Scroll button on IBM thinkpad X31?

Hi, I have a thinkpad X31 that I installed Haiku on, and it seems to be running great, wifi/ethernet/sound/display all work great, the only issues I’m having are the scroll button for the track point (no touchpad) and the volume up and down buttons. Those are not too important, but I would really like the scroll button to work if at all possible. Anybody know of a solution?

Most people I know find that it’s easier to use a mouse than a touchpad or trackpoint.
However, if the mouse isn’t at hand, on my X230 I find that the best way to scroll is to press the middle button down, and then scroll with the trackpoint.
This also works on the T42.

The problem is, the trackpoint scroll button does not work. I prefer to use the track point as I have been using thinkpads since the late 90’s with trackpoints, but the scroll button does nothing when press it and move the track point, no scrolling happens. I assume it’s a driver issue. but where do I find that driver?

It’s not a driver issue. The button just sends a “third mouse button” event and in Haiku this is mainly used for pasting data, not for scrolling. This could be modified by an input server filter or made configurable in input server, I don’t know if someone already wrote such a filter?

On IRC augiedoggie mentioned two that could be used as a base for basically that functionality:

KeyCursor also emulates scrollwheels (while pressing PgUp/PgDn).

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The middle button works properly on my X230 in Haiku, and in Linux on my T42, which is only a year later than the X31. So it should work on the OP’s laptop.

So if you press and hold the middle button and move your cursor the underlying view scrolls? Because thats what the OP want.

Se here around 00:10: Thinkpad feature I just discovered after 20 years - Trackpoint scrolling - YouTube

The TrackPoint and it’s scrolling functionality is amazing. It also works on an external mouse by holding down the mouse scroll wheel and moving the mouse. Both functions scrolls in both horizontal and vertical directions.

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