Scribus 1.5.7 with Ghostscript_gpl



On Haiku x86_64, within the terminal - type this:

  1. pkgman install scribus
  2. pkgman install ghostscript_gpl

Key features:

  • New Text Layout Engine with Full OpenType Support
  • Krita Import Filter
  • import text as editable text from a PDF file

There are problems with Ghostscript now. See my bugreport on Haikuports.

there is not ghostscript_gpl for Haiku 32bit

I’d be surprised if Scribus ran on 32-bit also! That’s a huge program!!/pkg/scribus_x86/haikuports/1/5/7/-/2/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc275-MDIL

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On Haiku x86:

  1. pkgman install ghostscript_gpl_x86

Scribus 1.5.7 x86 works on Haiku x86. Recently it broke during python updates, so reviewing it again
once I re-update my systems.

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Did a cleaner ‘pkgman full-sync’ today:

Scribus_x86-1.5.7-2 on Haiku R1B2 x86_gcc2 (hrev54154+123):


What a pleasant surprise!

Nice but Ghostscript does not work well on my Haiku 64bit and 32bit nightly…