Screenshot on Haiku main page

Nearly all OS web pages include a screenshot of the system on their main page. I believe this is great for grabbing attention of the visitor and would encourage people to try it out more.

What are your thoughts? Anyone care to share their own candidates using Haiku standard wallpaper? Something simple, something that would express what Haiku is about without clutter on the workspace.

I’m typing this from mobile, I will add my own candidate later. My perfect candidate would highlight:

  1. Shiny Haiku icons, with focus on Spatial Tracker interface
  2. Tabbed windows
  3. Stacked windows
  4. Web+ with minimal interface
  5. A carousel of three screenshots, with standard, bar, and mini-mode

Any other Haiku-specific aspects you’d like to add?


Look at the slideshow listed on the haiku main page

And a Tour too

I am aware of this page, what I mean is a screenshot presented on the “main” page of, something that will greet the user. It should be generic and informative as much as possible.

Here’s my take on a prototype:


Of course, the final version should be more high-res, and with more screen space maybe.

The Haiku webpage makes me think about an (im)possible recursive screenshot :slight_smile:

Something like this:


Maybe we could showcase LibreOffice? I’m sure LibreOffice guys would love to tweet about it. Or any other popular FOSS that matters.

Better to give attention in native apps and not on ports stuff.



Libreoffice is by far the most important software available on Haiku, and much better known to the outside world than any native software.

Seeing that Libreoffice is available on Haiku is much more likely to make people take Haiku seriously.

For me libre office sucks, never runs good, many crashes, better KDE calibre

I use it all the time and it almost never crashes. You must be doing something wrong.

It crashed by saving a document iirc.

Did you create any bug reports at haikuports about this?


Would anyone like to make some generic screenshots with a default configuration and wallpaper?

The existing screenshot tour is already linked to in this topic, I don’t think we need any more screenshots.
We could do with a bit of redesign/reorganization on the website, on the other hand.