Screencast software on HAIKU?

Hey folx is there a Screencast software on HAIKU? Best Z. Blace

Good day @zblace,

There is BeScreenCapture in HaikuDepot, a software to make screencasts on Haiku natively.

You can try that one and see if it fits your needs. TBH, I haven’t got much success when using it yet though. Then again, I haven’t used it that much either.


I tried bescreencapture yesterday it save the Video only one time. By the second video i get a failed message, that videos does not created.


Of course you could run Haiku in a Vm a do a screen cast from the host OS

There are hardware solutions out there if you need best results. 3Deyes is using one it will be plugged in between PC and monitor…

BeScreenCapture seems to work (at least I successfully recorded 3 times consecutively) with MPEG / MPEG-4 video. This is on a recent 64bit nightly Haiku.


Good day @humdinger,

Could video driver have effects on this? I can’t get proper screencast with BeScreenCapture and framebuffer.


Dunno. I’m using the intel_extreme driver and it works with and without BeScreenCaptures option to use BDirectWindow.