Screen refresh rate

hello guys,

I am using Haiku anyboot image r2alpha with my USB-stick.

How can i change screen refresh rate? I am going to “Preferences”, then i run “Screen”, but i see
screen resolution only. Not refresh.
I have old 15" CRT monitor with maximum resolution 1024x768@85Hz. Haiku set refresh rate by default to
60Hz and it so terrible for my eyes. Btw, if i right understand, Haiku detect my monitor as Shamrock 123.3" (i see this string in “Screen” properties). This is untrue, of course. Maybe haiku have some
text INI-files and i can edit it by hands?

Any ideas?


It looks as if you’re using the VESA driver, which doesn’t have much flexibility when it comes to changing the CRT refresh rates. Unfortunately, until Haiku gets native video drivers, you’re stuck with VESA. Most people don’t mind that much since they’re using LCD panels, which suprise run at 60Hz. Send an email to your video card manufacturer asking them to support Haiku, or if that doesn’t work, sponsor a coder to port the video card driver to Haiku :slight_smile:

This is bad news… I have Radeon X1650 Pro video card. Knowing the company ATI, they do not hurry with driver development.

I have a CRT on one of my Haikus, and I can change the refesh rate. It is supported.

Your video card does not have a native Haiku graphics driver (for X1650). You are using VESA mode which only offers 60Hz refresh rate.

You can check by hovering over the monitor in screen preferences. A yellow box with VESA will show telling you that VESA driver is in use.

So is that why when I do ‘ls /dev/graphics’ in terminal I get ‘intel_extreme_000200 vesa’ ? If I dont boot with the safe video selected the screen is displayed almost correctly. But I cant set the refresh rate in Preferences since it begins to get worse the longer its running and I cant change the settings quickly enough and dont know what would be the best setting.