Scanner LINUX > Haiku?

If the following statements are included in a scanner’s compatibility notes, it may be relevant for use under Haiku?:

Supported: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, CentOS

  • LINUX SANE For system integrators only

In theory yes, but in reality, bugs in our port of libUSB often prevent scanners to work properly on Haiku.

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Thanks for your quick reply!
Who is working on porting this libUSB, or has worked on it?
To be able to use a photo scanner under Haiku for digiKam would be wonderful!

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I worked on it, but I didn’t find the bug, so far.


Good luck with it!

If you have existing hardware you just want to work ignore me.

I’m just going to make a suggestion get a scanner/printer combo that is standalone… lots of printers can scan directly to a network drive these days and makes this a complete non issue…so you can scan directly to your backed up network drive etc… and everyone in the home or office can share it without having to bother with software setup for scanners on each machine. It seems like printing is also getting standardized in a similar way eventually.

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It is already, for several years. This happened with the introduction of the iPad, where Apple said: “drivers? no way, YOU printer manufacturers follow our specifications and your printer will be supported”. Since then, all printers implement AirPrint which is well documented and standardized.

Now, we just need to add a driver for it in Haiku…

You can vote for this ticket for that: #16318 (IPP-Everywhere and AirPrint - Print support the XXIst century way) – Haiku


Setup SANE for networking. I was using scanimage (–device) and Sanity to test scans with libUSB versus networking so some scanners working fine (comparable to Linux) with either direct USB connection or networked (i.e. WiFi/Ethernet) with Haiku.

I remember the libUSB/Haiku USB bug circled around Canon MF printers. Epson and HP MF printers and basic scanners usually work (i.e. if they work on Linux/BSD).

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