Hi all!

Haiku Alpha 4 is coming along nicely, and I am really enjoying it. I went to switch my setdecor to SATDecorator, but when I checked for setdecor -l, Default was the only one listed… how do I install SATDecorator? I checked on Haikuware, and I found something, but when I installed it to /boot/home/config/add-ons/decorator, it still didn’t work…

Any ideas? would it be a package in installoptionalpackage?


It was merged into the main/default decorator.

good to know augiedoggie I’m running Haiku A4 in VMware 5 on a Macbook Pro Host, and the hold Option key for stack and tile isn’t working, the left or the right Option key… has it changed?


If you’re running on a Mac keyboard the option and command keys are switched relative to the Windows and Alt keys on a PC keyboard so you have to hold Command to activate Stack&Tile. If you’d like you can switch the keys in Keymap but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.