Samba and SSH

Hi All,

I installed SMB in Haiku and configured it, to have a scan every minute. Yet, where my Windows and Linux machines show 10’s of SMB shares, Haiku shows nothing. So, how to configure SMB to work?

Secondly, I tried to connect to Haiku with SSH (server is running) but “user” with the password I set, results in “permission denied” while I allowed root access over SSH.

So I general, my Haiku instance is pretty isolated because it has no way to exchange files with its host operating system.

Hello. Maybe this article help you with the SSH connection:

IIRC current fusesmb_haiku package only supports smbv1 and smbv2. So make sure to check out SMB version of your hosts.

Hi, no it does not. Thats what I used to get SSH up and running, but I still get permission denied.