SAIS Haiku port

Working on a port of SAIS and this comes up despite pkgconfig being installed:

-- Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) 
CMake Error at /boot/system/data/cmake/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:511 (message):
  pkg-config tool not found

Is this an issue somewhere in the system or should I look for something in the program’s repo? It looks like the former, although I could very well be wrong in that assessment.

Are you on 32 bit? If so, there is 2 pkgconfig package, make sure you have both.

I’m on 64-bit.

Git version builds fine on 64 bit nightly. Try to reboot.


The error still persists after a reboot.

can you give us the output of the following command?

pkg-config --version


Oddly enough, I was also able to build it standalone on Haiku.

Can you explain what “standalone” means for you, and how does your non-standalone environment looks like?

Standalone in that sentence meant without trying to use a recipe. Also, same environment as when trying to build it through a recipe.

You somehow forgot to mention this small itsybitsy detail.

Into the BUILD_PREREQUISITES should you add:

It is NOT the same, HaikuPorter creates a separate environment, mounts the dependencies and builds the recipe.

Heh, thought that was installed alongside cmake. Thanks and I’ve added it to the recipe. Currently building it now.

Happy to hear it works now. Please try to describe your problems next time more detailed, we arent good in guesswork.

Yeah, sorry about all that. Bit rusty after months of not touching Haiku.

Alright, made a PR for the working recipe:

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