S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - OpenXRay engine


Wouw looks real nice BIGTHX for posting, Im try it :slight_smile:

How are the FPS?

Around 10 FPS, from the screenshots. But time in The Zone tends to be anomalous so…

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The FPS calculation works rather strangely - after starting the game shows a few thousand and gradually decreases to exactly 10. Regardless of the complexity of the scene it always shows 10. I would say that by feel on my Rizen7 it ranges from 5 to 15 FPS.


Yep, FPS timer has a space for improvements. It’s rather an update timer, rather than real FPS timer.
It also doesn’t show values lower than 10.


Awesome! Did you compiled it as-is or you had to apply patches?

I’m the lead OpenXRay developer, so if you have some patches, pull requests are welcome :)))


That is because the lack of hardware 3d acceleration on the driver??.