Rust on Haiku: the Case of the Disappearing Deceased Threads | Haiku Project

Summer! The time to slow down, relax, go to strange places, and do the projects that are long overdue. This summer I had the joy of spending my time in a lovely house near Lyon in France. In many ways the summer was like others, meaning there was plenty of wine and a lot of relaxing activities. At the same time, the Covid situation did give me a lot of reasons to scale back exploratory activities at the tourist hot spots, and instead focus on activities close to home. I decided to seize the opportunity and to see if I could dive into one of my long-standing pet peeves in the Haiku ecosystem.

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Nice work! I’m excited to have improved Rust support under Haiku. I’m finding myself enjoying Rust and all of it’s quirks a lot more than C/C++ these days :slight_smile:

@nielx , i’ve been pushing on to get it merged. A lot of rust code still depends on net2-rs :expressionless:

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