Running Windows applications

At this time, is it possible to run Windows applications on Haiku OS with or without emulation?

Is it possible to copy the code from ReactOS and use it in Haiku?

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And It’s Haiku, not HaikuOS. Or if you really want to write HaikuOS, Also write WindowsOS.






Why can’t we copy ReactOS’s code and use it to run Windows applications in Haiku?

'Cause the ReactOS code is WINE, so why contaminate the Haiku kernel, if we can have Wine in userland like Linux?


There have been previous attempts to port WINE to Haiku.

However, WINE is designed for Linux, or closely related “BSD” and Haiku uses different library and memory layouts than Linux, porting WINE is project on its own. See ( ) for details.

I thought they are not using an emulator to run Windows applicatiions, from what I have heard ReactOS can natively run Windows applications.

I would prefer if there was a seperate kernel that Haiku uses to run Windows applications natively, this might tempt Windows users to use Haiku instead of Windows if we can have a feature like this.

Wine is not an emulator. Do your homework, please.

THen why do Windows programs perform more shit compared to just runing Windows applications natievely then?

If you really want to get an answer, just examine the sources and ask the wine and reactos developers.

A PC emulator or a virtual machine would probably be a more realistic option than trying to shoehorn ReactOS or Wine into Haiku. You could even install Windows then for perfect compatibility. There is a recipe for PCem lying around at haikuports, but it’s unfinished.

Examine the history of the Linux-Windows hybridization projects such as CoLinux and Wabi. These projects have stalled years ago suggesting a declining interest in such an approach.

Being a long time Windows user - due to applications typically required in my line of work - I am coming to Haiku for a fresh/innovative way to do things. I have been dabbling into ChromeOS along with Haiku and the recent success with LibreOffice is tilting my preference toward the later.

You do realise I don’t understand much programming, right so how can you ask me to do that?

What is PCem exactly and what does it do?

ReactOS is older than Haiku, yet they still have a hard time getting Windows apps to run. If that’s what you’re interested in, you can use ReactOS and they do the job much better than we could.

We already have BeOS apps to care for and this is more than enough work for us.

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I have not learn’t programming in depth yet so I am a little short with knowledge mate.