Running own repository

I tried to make my repository like in this instruction:

The repository has been compiled (I added several test packages to it: 2048, aqemu, a_book). I installed these packages on my haiku and made sure that everything works.
But when I uploaded my repository to hosting and added it to the Haiku repositories, when I tried to download the package through haikudepot, it hung. However, when I tried to install, through pkgman, I was getting a checksum error.
Then I uploaded the repository to github pages, but the package was not even downloaded there, there was a range error.

You can try this tutorial too

But it is a copy

This is a bit vague, I’ll assume you mean that you got an error about an invalid range beeing requested, I think this may be an error in the package kit.

Could you please include the pkgman command you used with the output it provided?

All you packages are right build?

You create them with bash or package creator?

Our package system now use HTTP range requests, and it’s possible that some hosting services don’t support that?

I used built packages from haikudepot official repository

You mean haikuporter? It is created for haiku ports, not the same like free own repos. I do not know this is the right way, because it is for haikuports server repo.

You can try my hpkgcreator from our own repository server, this gui is created for stand alone packages and repos out of haiku ports