Running Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1 in VirtualBox 4.2 | Haiku Project

I’ve had some time to play around with Haiku R1A4.1 and got it working nicely in VirtualBox, running under Windows, and also on real hardware. Along the way I made a few notes (InstallingHaikuR1A4.html) on how to get it going. I’ll describe the significant things you need to know in the rest of this blog post. The existing tips and instructions (search for Blog tag “virtualbox”) are still useful, however after the problems I had with R4A1’s hard drive IDE controller support, the main change to the Haiku VirtualBox Instructions page is to set up the virtual hard drive controller in AHCI mode. I was able to boot a SATA drive on real hardware in IDE-Enhanced mode (before I switched the BIOS to AHCI), but I didn’t test it much.

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