Running Haiku on Lenovo x100e

System is dual boot (w. GRUB2)
CPU: AMD Neo MV-40
SSD: Haiku Partition 60G
Graphic: ATI Radeon 3200 / ANMD M780G ===> works
Display: 11,6" with 1366x768 Pix ===> works
CodyCam: ===> Not working.
WIFI: RTL8191SEvB Wireless Lan Controller: ===> Not working
Ethernet: RTL8111/8168/8411 ===> works
Sound: Works, Micro: ===> Not working
Bluetooth: ===> works
(it recognizes my mouse, but I did not get it to work as pointing device)

The display came up with the correct resolution. No extra settings needed.
Although it is an old Lenovo it is working surprisingly fast.
Good enough for trying out Haiku.
Thanks for the GREAT effort the team has spend to make it work.

Next steps: SMP and Printer.


I run it on x131e and x141e. Unfortunately the newer chromebooks past that are very lacking in the design area… lest robust, no trackpoint or real touchpad buttons etc…

Hey I just ordered an X100E yesterday, waiting to receive. I was thinking of putting Haiku/BSD/Linux on it.
This model seems to freeze at the BIOS. You come across it before? I heard it’s a ram issue. From the product screenshots, it has 1536MB RAM.
First thing I need to do is get it to boot.

open it. Take out the RAM and the disk and boot. If it still freezes → Mainboard issue. Not good.
Put the disk back in and boot. If it boots → good.
Put the RAM back in and boot. If it freezes → Get new RAM.
Let me know if any of this works.

Picture is from here:

x131e and x141e are not chromebooks. They are “regular” Notebooks running Windows.
My x100e has a Win7 Pro licence sticker. To be found when you take the battery out.
I have tried Win10 on it. Installing works. But it was almost unuseable. Slow.
It now has Lubuntu and Haiku.

Is Wifi working on your x131e / x141e?

@mk53 they were available with chrome os preinstalled and marketed as chromebooks in that context.

But I agree, they are not chromebooks :smiley:

Mine? Not received yet. I will receive it in a few days. Just found it online after another seller disappeared. So I negotiated a lower price and when he accepted, I paid straight away. But I’ll look into what you recommended to do. I hope it’s just a matter of reseating the RAM instead of spending more.

Feel free to not think of it as a chromebook if this stresses you out heh… but that doesn’t change the fact that is what many if not most of these were sold as. They also typically have a windows 8 license in the BIOS that will license windows 10 which i found quite convenient. These aren’t exactly normal “netbooks” as they are definitely EDU focused with the wifi indicator LED etc… maybe its an edubook lol.

If anyone ever finds a windows 10 audio driver for the x131 let me know weirdly sound works fine in windows 8.1 (and Haiku and Linux) but they broke it in windows 10 somehow.

Both of the models I have x131e x141e work great with Haiku (I think I have an x121e somewhere too).

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