Ruby 1.9.1

How difficult would it be to add Ruby 1.9.1 to the default install? I like Ruby and would like to code in Haiku. Might as well add ROR (Ruby On Rails) too! Thanks.

You can get it here:
then extract it to /boot

I noticed the link was no longer active, so for anyone still wondering about it, you can download the standard interpreter at:

Just download the tarball with the stable source code.

The default interpreter is written completely in C, so you’re not going to see anything but .h, .c, and .rb (Ruby source) files, so it should compile fine under Haiku, but I can’t attest to whether or not it’s always completely stable and functional.

ThIs version of Ruby is still available for Haiku, but only as a HPKG:

Not added to a default install but keep it as a download, not everyone wants it on their machine; need to keep to basics in the default installation.