Rtw88 freebsd driver


I have a laptop with rtl8821ce wifi card and doesn’t work under haiku, even though there’s a freebsd driver for it, is there any way to manually install this?


That FreeBSD driver seems to rely on LinuxKPI, so unlikely you’ll be able to use it on Haiku (AFAIK, only native FreeBSD/OpenBSD drivers have a chance of being used on Haiku at the moment).

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I just did a quick search for that driver and I don’t think there’s much hope in the near future.
The FreeBSD driver is unfortunately based on Linux stuff,so it won’t work here,but it (unfortunately) works on FreeBSD so that they don’t have a lot of motivation to provide a native driver that we could use.
On OpenBSD,our second source of drivers that only has native drivers and no ported Linux stuff,this device is completely unsupported currently.
OpenBSD may add support for this driver in the future,which we can use then,but it’s mostly a community project,just like Haiku,and support for new hardware can sometimes take a few years to arrive.
Your best bet for now is to use a Realtek-based USB wifi dongle or,if possible,replace the internal wifi card with one that is supported.

Oh ok thanks