Rtl8723bs es8316AWhether it is expected to support

linux4.12Kernel is expected to integrate rtl8723beIntel notebook is the price of 1000 yuan is very cheap and light. Very suitable for haiku use. The biggest problem is ufei

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FreeBSD have no driver for this chipstet yet, so we neither.
A quick search on google revealed: that it comes in standard miniPCIe form factor, so technically you can just buy a supported wlan card on ebay for cheap and swap it. (Hopefully the BIOS have no whitelist for acepted wlan cards…)
This is the only way right now, sorry.

FreeBSDCompatibility layer does not support USB bar。rtl8723bs linuxDriver on haikuHelp transplant ?

Great, so now we can’t get more hardware supported because of OSS license conflicts. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

3rd party porting, maybe? Since Haiku itself is so deep in the MIT purity land.

Nope, just look at the wifi firmware pack, the gutenprint printer backend, samba, and so on, they aren’t licensed under MIT, but GPL and so.
The drivers doesn’t need to be MIT and yes, a community effort could provide a necessary patches and recipes for HaikuPorts so one can install the required drivers from HaikuDepot easily.