RPCEmu (RISCOS) for Haiku

For special geeks, I compiled RPCEmu for Haiku 64 (Qt5).
Now you can run RISCOS and programs for it.
Network working now


Download last build RPCEmu 0.9.4 for Haiku 64 with network support

Source code in the archive. You can build it for Haiku 32-bit (requires qt5)


This has me wondering:

Should Haiku ever start working on Raspberry Pis, would it be theoretically possible to accelerate the emulation of this or even have a RISC OS VM within Haiku? Prolly not on RPi4, but RPi3 can still run RISC OS and is also ARMv8.

You can theoretically let the guest OS run code directly on the host CPU. That is called virtualization. Haiku currently can’t virtualize a guest OS, but it’s definitely possible if devs are interested.

Theoretically, this is possible, but it will be a different program.
I don’t know any software that would run RISCOS on Linux ARM or Mac M1 like this.

New build rpcemu-0.9.4-haiku64-net_20220221.zip with network support



Have you considered submitting a build recipe to HaikuPorts?

I haven’t thought about it yet. Is it necessary?
RPCEmu can only work from its own folder. Requires full write access to the hostfs folder.

It is now possible to have two (or three) different copies of RPCEmu. Each will have its own settings and its own RISCOS. It is very convenient