Roland UA-100 and BeOS

Today i was so happy when my Roland UA-100 after years of searching finally arrived. However, the joy shouldn’t last long because it still refuses to work. I have installed the experimental drivers from the BeOS 5 pro edition (i would not have known any other drivers either).
Unfortunately, i only get »AC97« or »None« to choose from. I’m using BeOS 5 max-edition on an IBM X31. Does anyone else still use an ua-100 with beos? Thank you!

Do you have working USB to begin with? Out of the box, BeOS R5 only supports Intel UHCI USB chipsets which were not in the majority on hardware at the time. There are “patches” which are actually either binaries from an unreleased updated version of BeOS or a complication of leaked source that provide support for the other OHCI standard

I also believe you can use a very old version of the Haiku USB stack, from ~2009 or so, on R5 and retain compatibility with other USB drivers - but that is so long ago I can’t be sure.

If you are somehow running BeOS on a machine that only has USB3 XHCI ports, they won’t work at all. USB EHCI can drop down to OHCI/UHCI from memory.

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Thank you, this is a very valuable tip for me and so far the only approach. I haven’t had any problems with USB itself, but the number of USB devices that you could use with BeOS is already rare :wink:
I’m going to investigate!

I guess you had a look here? Link

Yes, thank you.