RLE Compilation

Hi guys, i ran into serious issues trying to compile RLE with GCC does anyone have any tips for users who wish to compile RLE for a custom boot splash?

Dont mean to be bumpy but this is a bit of a nuisance, anyone got any ideas? much appreciated :slight_smile:

By RLE, you mean what exactly?
If the aim is to encode or decode some custom boot spash image using RLE codec, did you try the tool under src/tools/generate_boot_screen.cpp (the one used by Haiku build) ?

I know there is a ticket about a broken output display on our Trac, is it to investigate its root?

I am just trying to compile the .so binary containing the bootspash actually, i havent tried that tool i tried using GCC to do it which is definitely a no go, thanks for the info ill tell you how it goes,