Ripping audio CDs

hi to everyone,
last week i decided to install haiku again and i find it’s greatly improved over last year…

unfortunately i had some issues that are preventing haiku to be my daily driver (altought the system per se is simply great)

i will start here posting my issues and i will procede in other topics to stay clean :slight_smile:

my first problem is the fact i can’t find a way to rip records on haiku, i tried cdda2wav on the terminal but it always gave me errors, read about simplyvorbis and others but they are too old to be runt on haiku…someone pointed me to the media converter but seems that this is broken at the moment (in fact the media converter always crashes when convertings wav to eg mp3)

as i’m an heavy music listener this is important to me and i don’t want to use another pc to do that…
how do you rip your music?

Hare, cdrtools and simplyvorbis is in depot.

cdrtools have it’s own utility (cdda2wav) which is not working, is either stuck at 0% or simply gave me errors and abort the operation

hare is not present, only sources are, and simplyvorbis is not present at all, at least with haiku and haikuports enabled…maybe i should enable some other repo?

Both are in the “current” HaikuPorts repo. Make sure yours points to the right URL, see Updating and downgrading your system .
There are other software sites you could try for maybe some old BeOS app that still works.

I don’t have an optical drive any more… Calling @vidrep, the old Mâitre de Burn, for input… :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, I’ll rename this thread to be specifically about ripping AudioCDs. Your future topics should also reflect the exact issue at hand. That way others with the same problem have a better chance of finding it, and keeping the conversation on topic is easier.

Oh, and “Welcome!” btw. :slight_smile:

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Haiku, like BeOS, have builtin support for that.
Insert your CD audio in your drive, it should mount as a CD icon on the desktop.
Open it. Tracks are presented as files, which are directly in wav format.
To rip a track (or several), just drag and drop them from the cd to another disk (or desktop), hop, magic.

No need for cdda2wav.

Regarding encoding into mp3, you should be able to do that by directly drop track-files from the cd drive (no need to copy them first) on MediaConverter as source files, and set a destination folder forr output files.
If MediaConverter crash, please file a bug report so we can fix it.

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wait…are you serious?just a drag and drop?that’s absolutely marvelous…good to know, and if media converter crashes i just need to rip the tracks and then convert them or it will crash anyway?

as for the title, i wanted even to present myself since there is no presentation section…ence the title…sorry for that anyway…

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BeOS and Haiku mount cdda like they’re “data” CD with only WAV files, one per audio track, at root folder, that all.
The CDDA tracks are in PCM format, which is very easy to wrap in a WAV file, which we do on the fly.
You can even “play” the track that way, directly, even. MediaPlayer or whatever player you will hand to these files will see them like regular wav files, that all.
The only différence is the speed access time: CD drive are slow compared to modern disks medium.

I didn’t knew that MediaConverter crash when encoding out mp3.

But, you can rip (aka copy the track files from cd on your disk, which will give you wav files.
Then, no need to rip them again, just find a tool to convert wav into mp3 that don’t crash.

well i will take a look in another program on the depot, meanwhile i will just file a bug :slight_smile:

I checked (quick), BeOS GUI CD rippers (and CD players) do not work on Haiku (some of them opensource).
Command line apps working, but very slow (on my machine).
And playing from CD (on my machine) on Haiku with noise, but copied to disk wav files play well.
I found one scripted GUI app that works (you must have installed lame) — CDtoMp3Ripper
(I think you can find it on Beshare)

Although it looks to have some rendering issues nowadays, the mp3repack Tracker add-on is actually also able to convert WAV files to mp3 as well (I wrote it, a couple of years ago). It uses lame internally. If you can’t find it, it’s still available on my pretty abandoned home page:

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Wanna put its code - and of the other ‘worthy’ apps - on HaikuArchives so we can have recipes and from them packages of them on HaikuDepot?

That sounds like work :wink:
It would probably make sense to do that some day… How would I go about that, anyway? Can I just drop a bunch of code to someone?

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I had a simular problem with ripping music and it seemed like the disk wasn’t spinning up in the drive

Just in passing, I have had issues with mounting any CD in some hrevs of Haiku. As I remember it does work in the latest I have installed (hrev51670). If the CD mounts I can easily access the contents. If it doesn’t, it may hang the tracker for ages – or forever.

Sure. Mail it all to me or drop it somewhere and send me the link. :wink:

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found CDtoMp3Ripper on BeShare, works well